Hand Carved Candles
Lifetime Candles   Where each becomes a KEEPSAKE
Lifetime Candles are
forever. Each candle has a
lifetime wick and a
reservoir to place and burn
smokeless lamp oil. This
maintains the candles
beauty and uniqueness
forever with out burning
the actual candle.
A German Art

We are very
passionate about
our product and
deeply care that
each  customer be
both happy and
proud to own our
Life Time Candles.
Lifetime Candles which are
hand crafted at Fellowship
Farm, Bennett, Colorado,
is a family owned and
operated  business.
From melted wax to finished candle, each custom
candle is individually created and completed by
one of us at Fellowship Farm.  Since we are
intimately aware of every style, color and creation
that we sell, all of our work is truly one of a kind.
Lifetime Candles are hand carved and custom made in "German Old
World Tradition". Each candle is individually warmed and dipped in
hot colored wax as many as 20 to 140 times. This creates the design
and layering effect each candle displays. The candle carver must
then hand carve each design while the candle is warm enough to
sculpt the various designs.
Winged Angel
Basket Bouquet with matching tapers