This fairy candle has a pink interior, a gold
stripe and cascades yellow to light green.

Fairy Candles
Lifetime Candles
A baby fairy is delicately placed on this candle with
colors to accent the fair this candle has a pink interior,
purple stripe and a light blue to blue cascading exterior.

This fairy says, "Ta Da!"  and her candle has yellow, gold,
and pink accents.

This fairy candle is highlights  her fairy with pink,
turquoise stripe and a light purple to dark purple

This Queen Fairy has a yellow interior, gold strip and pink
cascading to a dark pink or magenta color.


This fairy has a light blue interior, a gold stripe and yellow
cascading to green exterior. The picture does not show off
the sparkling glitter that accents this candle.

The fairy candles are great for children or the inner child in all of us. These delicate
looking candles are all accented with glitter that is difficult to see in the pictures but add
a delightful touch of bedazzlement.