Lifetime Candles
Carving Studio
The wax is kept at 170 degrees at all times. Each
candle is
dipped between 20 to 140 times in
hot colored wax to help create the various color
patterns and designs.
Between each dipping,the candle is dipped into
room temperature water to cool the candle
enough for the next layer of hot colored wax to
stick to the candle.
All of our candles begin as melted wax.
Donavon is warming the core candle in
hot wax prior to starting the dipping
After the candle is carved, the top is
Since the candle is never
burned we are able to dip the candle
into a
special glaze. The glaze
gives the candle a porcelain look,
makes it more durable, the colors
brighter and is easier to dust and